Pink laced

I want to cling on to you
Dig my fingernails in
and maybe never let go
Some piece of you makes me
Less broken
and I don’t want to let that go.



No. I don’t think so.
Who would want that?
I want a man to be the moon
to move my tides
to stir my soul

I want to become his sun
to be reflected in his eyes
to be buried within his aura

I want passion
something you can bite into
intense comfort
to be known without saying a word
all the things girls should dream about…


What if it was nothing, she asks?
It might be.
How could I know?

What if –
if he doesn’t care
if it’s only short fleeting
if he’s not the marrying kind.
What if…?

All I do is smile.
He inspired poetry.
Even if we’re not something, he is.