Buildings and Bridges…

Sometimes I think he knows me better than I do
When to make me an island
When to draw me from my hermit shell
I am rebuilding
Reshaping everything
And for once
I need to do it with my hands
On my island
Under my moon.



She knows her power
one word and I am under her thrall
wide set eyes, begging please
I am at her mercy
whether that is the swish of her whip
or the flick of her hip.tongue.mouth.lust.
I am running, racing, idling
waiting for her to rev my engines
waiting for her to throw my throttle open
waiting for her to let us be


The depths underneath hide pieces of me
more than what you could ever know.
The history, the truths, the lies
all rock waves deep below.

Do not crash upon my shores
Beware my siren song
Ships greater than you have been abandoned,
with torn holes in their hulls,
the men spiraling in the blue beneath.

I give you my warning
beware – lest you meet the cruel fate
of a man against an iceberg of a heart


I may regret this later
I may regret you later
but does that make this
any less right?

You are still good for me
You make me change the rules

Stop throwing the fight
to take the noble road,
instead of the one I know, eyes closed.

When all is said and done,
You were good for me
because you made me try.